Park Management

GemaPark is a complete park management system designed to allow you to keep and manage all your park information in one place, giving you easy access to the numbers that matter and saving you time on administration.

At Netguides we use our technical and business experience, and 'part of your team' support ethos, to ensure you get the most out of implementing a management system for your business.

  • Customer management - Easily merge duplicate customers to keep the database clean, view a full history of invoices, payments and interactions with each customer.
  • Booking management - Manage short and long stay bookings, pitch and rent fees and the sale of extras and metered services.
  • Batch invoicing - Allows easy repeat invoicing of site fees, rent, metered services and extras.
  • Maintenance log - Record and report on maintenance against homes, pitches or on the park.
  • Manage homes and stock - Store details of homes in stock and sold, move homes to different pitches and record sales to different owners.
  • Reports and marketing - Information at your fingertips.

The growth in our holiday business since we started working with GemaPark has been incredible, with a significant uplift in bookings and turn over.

Pineapple Farm Holidays.
Pineapple Group

Interactive park map

Custom map of your park showing the occupants of each unit and the status of their account. Link to invoices and take or record payments.

Interactive Map

Interactive chart

Meter readings

Record meter readings easily or link to smart meters. Invoice owners individually or use batch invoicing to invoice all owners. The correct amount is calculated automatically based on the units used.

Batch invoicing

Allows easy repeat invoicing of site fees, rent, metered services and extras.

Managing Homes

Record details of homes, sales, insurance, licences. Move homes to different pitches and record sales to different owners.


Sell storage and store details of storage vans. For example we can indicate which vans need to come out of storage on your arrivals report.

A good management system has really helped Monkey Tree improve their customer service and efficiency this season.

Monkey Tree
Monkey Tree Holiday Park

Task view

The system will flag up tasks that require attention such as duplicate customer records or balance payments overdue. From the task list you can easily link to relevant place in the system to perform the required action

  • Bookings needing attention
  • Overdue debtors
  • Duplicates customers
  • Online payments
  • Enquiries

Booking management

Manage your bookings from enquiry to delivery with GemaPark

  • Interactive Availability chart - View, Move, extend and edit bookings directly from the chart.
  • Online booking and balance payments - Mobile responsive, easy to install, great online booking experience.
  • Booking Documents and Automated emails - Generate all the documents you need for each booking including automated balance reminders and pre and post visit emails.
  • Clever Pricing and Discount management - Support for very comprehensive booking patterns and tariffs, multiple discount options including discount codes, percentage off, free nights and automatic last minute discounts.

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Interactive chart

Reports - Operational, financial, management and marketing

Grow with the system, as you collate your data you will find more interesting ways to view it and use it to make your business more profitable.

  • Bookings reports
  • Payments and refunds reports
  • Arrivals, Departures and who's on site
  • Customers and marketing reports
  • Property performance and usage reports
  • Occupancy report

Secure and compliant

GemaPark is hosted in secure data centres based in the UK with multiple backboned connections to the Internet. It is hosted on cloud servers to provide a very high level of redundancy and capacity, reducing the chance of downtime to almost none.

  • Backups are taken twice daily and stored for a rolling two weeks
  • Monitored uptime - the system is monitored constantly for availability. We have had no unplanned downtime in the last three years.
  • PCI and GDPR compliant.

Connectivity with other systems

GemaPark helps pull all your data together in one place. Link to your other sales channels, email marketing applications, ANPR barriers and epos systems.

GemaPark is being connected to more and more systems all the time.

  • Channel Manager - We have a channel manager integration which allows us to sync availability and bookings with, Airbnb and Trip Advisor Rentals to name but a few.
  • ANPR Barriers - As long as your barrier software has an API we can integrate to it e.g. Net2, iVMS 5200.
  • EPOS - Talk to us about epos integration, we work with various partners who can provide your tills.
  • Ferries - Integration with Ferry Gateway.
  • Marketing Partners - We sync customer data and key booking and spend metrics nightly so you can better tailor your campaigns. Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Hub Spot, Pure360.
gemapark, connectivity with other systems

Booking Management


Interactive availability chart, Documents, Automated balance reminders, and online booking

Online Bookings


Online booking, Booking documents, automated balance reminders and balance payments, Welcome letters and more

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