Booking System

Managing accommodation bookings is made easy in GemaPark. You can access the system from anywhere on the park so you always have the latest information and the ability to respond to requests.

GemaPark provides online booking capability directly from the live system availability with easy to install website widgets and a secure booking portal read more.

GemaPark is PCI and GDRP compliant.

Interactive availability chart

The interactive replacement for your wall chart that is always up to date.

See all your bookings, blackout dates and in-progress online bookings. Check availability and live pricing. Add and move bookings from the chart:

Interactive availability chart

Booking documents

Booking documents and automated emails

Easily generate all the documents you need for each booking using information from the booking and the customer. You can include custom notes to personalise the emails while ensure all the important information is automatically included.

Automated balance reminders and pre and post visit emails allow you to keep in touch with your customer with relevant and timely information. This can improve customer experience and increase sales as well as ensuring balance payments are made on time and online.

Use automated emails in conjuntion with our guest area to upsell activities and extras.

Arrivals and departures

From our arrivals dashboard you can see today's arrivals and departures on one screen, see what units are cleaned and any payments due, check people in and out, edit bookings and take payments.

Arrivals Chart GemaPark

Smooth out the arrivals process:

Be prepared:

Task View

Tasks view

The system will create tasks for jobs that require attention and from the task list you can easily link to relevant place in the system to perform the required action.

  • New internet bookings or enquiries
  • Online Payment notification and Balance payments overdue
  • Provisional bookings - awaiting confirmation
  • Duplicate customer records - easily check and merge duplicate records to keep your database clean
  • Reminder or pre and post visit letters for customers with no email
  • Balance payments overdue

Online Bookings

  • Online booking and balance payments - Save you time and phone calls. Our online booking widgets are mobile responsive, easy to install and provide your customers with a great online booking experience.
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency - all our online booking screens can be provided in different languages and the system supports multiple currencies.
  • Add Selling - GemaPark allows activities and extras to be added to existing bookings via the guest area.

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Online booking with GemaPark

We have been impressed with how versatile GemaPark has been over the last year.

Ian Dowson, Bolero Holidays.
Bolero Holidays

Clever pricing, booking rules and discounts

Support for very comprehensive booking rules and tariffs. If we can't support your tariff already we will extend our system so it can! What's more - as part of your standard support we will set them all up for you each year if you want us to.

Discounts can be limited to certain lengths of stay or units/pitches and can include:

Discount Codes can be used to access discounts.

Automatic last minute discounts can be set up providing dynamic pricing.

Sell gaps as they occur.

Channel Manager

Linking to other booking channels

We have a channel manager integration which allows us to sync availability and bookings with, Airbnb and Trip Advisor Rentals to name but a few.

  • iCal - ICal is a format which most booking partners will accept to sync availability.
  • API - We have a full availability and booking API that allows your web team to create your own online booking process if you prefer not to use our widgets. Our API also allows you to retrieve GemaPark customer, booking, invoicing and car number plate data to integrate into your other internal systems.

Park Management


Interactive chart, Balance reminders, Meter readings, Barrier integration, Park map, Maintenance log, Reports and more

Online Bookings


Online booking, Booking documents, automated balance reminders and balance payments, Welcome letters and more

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